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Intel is also an abbreviation for the intelligence, used in the reference to the military intelligence and espionage, but this article is about Intel Corporation.

Intel Corporation (Nasdaq: INTC, SEHK: 4335), founded in 1968 as Electronics integrated Corporation, is a multinational based with the United States which is most known for the conceiving microprocessors and of manufacture and the integrated circuits specialized. Intel also makes charts of network, chipsets of mother chart, components, and other devices. Intel has advanced research projects in all the aspects of the manufacture of semiconductor, including MEMS.

Overall picture

Intel was founded in 1968 per Gordon E. Moore (a chemist and a physicist) and Robert Noyce (a physicist and an Co-inventor of the integrated circuit) when they left the semiconductor of Fairchild. It is remarkable that competitor AMD from Intel was also founded by the eight unfair ones, in 1969. Intel 'employed the number four of S was the plantation of Andy (a chemical engineer), which directed the company by most of the Eighties and the Nineties to rapid growth. It is the plantation which is now recalled as a company 'principal chief of S. Towards end of the year 90, Intel was one of largest and the companies most successful in the world, however fierce competition in the industry of semiconductor since decreased its position slightly.

Intel C4004, the first microprocessor of only one piece 1971

Gold and white with traces of gray specimen

belongs to the initial series of CERDIP

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