Sunday, April 5, 2009

Intel 80386 Microprocessor Chip (1985)

Intel Corporation developed the piece of microprocessor 80386. Intel 80386 is a microprocessor with 32 bits containing more than 275.000 transistors on a simple piece. The 80386 (generally known because 386 notches ) could carry out four million operations a second and handle the memory up to four gigaoctets (4.294.967.296).

The 386 were also compatible with Intel 'a line earlier of processor of S for the PC and the compatible ones of IBM and could run the software conceived as well for these processors.

Piece 386 brought the personal computing power of office to a new level during its time.

John Crawford was the director of architecture for Intel 386 and Intel 486 microprocessors, and co-director of the development of microprocessor of Pentium

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