Sunday, April 5, 2009

From DRAM to microprocessors

In 1983 at the dawn of the era of personal computer, Intel of the 'benefit of S.A. raised of the increased pressure of the Japanese manufacturers of memory-piece, and the plantation of Andy of president of the time led the company in a hearth on microprocessors. The plantation described this transition in the book only that the paranoid one survive. A key component of its plan was the concept, then considered radical, to become the simple source for successors with microprocessor 8086 popular.

Up to that point, the manufacture of the complex integrated circuits was not reliable enough so that the customers depend on a simple supplier, but the plantation started to produce processors in three geographically distinct factories, and ceased authorizing the designs of piece to the competitors such as Zilog and AMD. When the industry of PC burst towards end of the year 80 and of the Nineties, Intel was one of the primary education recipients.

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