Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chip - Rockwell R6511 Microprocessor chip

R6511 belongs to Rockwell of 'family of S R6500 of 6502 compatible processors. R6511 is a very increased version of technologies 6502 of MOS. It would have been a par at Intel 8088 and 80286 on the chronology.

The piece has a packing far from common. The piece has two lines on pins on each side. All the pins stick outside to the sides, but they alternate shorter, longer. It is a single provision of pin even for the R6500 series. R6502 and the 12 are IMMERSION of 40 terminals 's (case with double line of connections), the 6503. are each of the 28 immersions of pin.

R6511 is the only package with 64 terminals and in the alternative arrangement of pin called a GIBE (integrated package of quadruple).