Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chip - Intel 8088 Microprocessor and support chips (1981)

Shown is the historical microprocessor of Intel P4004. The 4004 is considered the world 'microprocessor of S first. The 4004 were created by Intel with Ted Hoff and Federico Faggin as originators of wire. The 4004 provided a new tool to the world. Until this time and semiconductors and IC 's ( integrated circuits ) were built for a specific goal. The 4004 were the first device of semiconductor which provided, on the level of piece, the functions of a computer. Although the 4004 were created for the use in computers, one proved it to have much other applications.

Intel 4004 provided the basic building blocks which are still found in today of the 'microcomputers of S: the arithmetic unit and of logic and the case of order. 4 the bit Intel 4004 functioned at a frequency of clock of 108 kilocycles and contained 2.300 transistors. The 4004 treated data in 4 bits, but its instructions were 8 bits a long time. The KB 4004 could address up to 1 KB of memory of program and up to 4 of the data memory. 4004 the piece had sixteen 4 registers of universal use of bit (or eight to 8 bits), and a whole of instruction containing 46 instructions. The design of packing of P4004 was out of plastic with pins of can in a configuration of IMMERSION ( case with double line of connections ).

Information and Photos Courtesy of Steve Emery

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